Monday, January 13, 2020

Rebooting on Facebook

After some encouragement I'm rebooting the business on Facebook and focusing on Custom Quilting!

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What does all this mean? Not much will change but I'll start posting again. I'm not doing crochet items anymore but am still loving making baby items and funny appliques like this one I did for myself with hilarious cartoon cats in memory of my dear departed b/w cat "Spotty Spot." (RIP December, 2018) She was just happy all the time until the very day she died. She had real "cattitude" :) I can make a cat quilt (or pillow cover) for you, too! Just email heirloominthemaking at gmail dot com to discuss it! The pattern has 18 different cartoon cats and instructions for a lap quilt (like this) a wall hanging (4 to 9 cats in a square grid) or some pillow covers (one cat). 

Pattern is Cats from Annie's Catalog; design by Amy Bradley.

Chicken Little

I saw this cute little country kitchen table topper in the Annie's Catalog eBook Animal Attractions with designs by Chris Malone. On Black Friday, I finally got the red and blue fabrics I needed from's amazing sales so I could try it out. 

Although it looks like a fun pattern, I'm not sure I really want to do it again It was a lot of hassle to assemble and I'm not happy with how the chickens failed to line up right. Maybe I'd do better making it a long, rectangular table runner with these cute chickens running down the length of it and sunny sunflowers scattered beneath their feet. That might be fun to try.

The same designer (Chris Malone) also came up with some creative potholders and handle-pinchers for Annie's. I made the cute double-handed sunflower one for a friend who loves sunflowers. As pictured, other ideas come to mind if you prefer animals to flowers.

If you'd like to commission a Chicken Little table topper ($44.99+shipping) or table runner like I described above (chickens running along rectangular length ($39.99 to $54.99 depending on size + shipping) please email me via heirloominthemaking at gmail dot com and let's discuss! The sunflower potholder's $19.99+shipping. Animals are a little bit more.

I accept payments via and ship anywhere in the USA via USPS Priority Mail with a tracking number or via FedEx / UPS if you prefer.

Baby Elephants (quilt series)

I did a series of these quick and easy applique'd quilts for the baby gifting ministry at my church. I can make one for you. I set a self-imposed challenge of 10 quilts and then ended up doing only 9 when I ran out of color combinations to try! Can you think of a new color combo for your new baby? Just email me at heirloominthemaking at gmail dot com to discuss turning it into a quilt!


I love Minions of any kind but these appliques were fun to create. I downloaded images of the various cartoons from the internet and created my own pattern. It came out about 40" x 50" which is baby quilt size and has a plain white flannel backer (so it shows all the quilting). 

This specific one had only 6 Minions and was included in the FVUMC October, 2019 fall missions fundraiser sale at my church (Fuquay Varina United Methodist Church at the corner of Judd Pkwy and Academy) for $50 or $60 but it didn't sell. I decided to remove it from the church sale inventory so it won't be available to sell in fall 2020 but I'll sell it myself if you're interested in buying it. The proceeds will go to me, though I'll tithe what you pay me (10% will be given to my church during the offering following your payment to me).

My price will be $47.99 + shipping (your choice on shipping). I think USPS is around $10-$12 for Priority Mail 2-3 day service with a tracking number, which is the shipping method I highly recommend but I'll send it via FedEx or UPS if you prefer. I'll quote you an exact dollar amount (in USD) before I ship it. If you are outside the US, I can ship to you via DHL but it does get expensive. Could be $30 or more as I recall! I can take payments via PayPal so that simplifies things, at least.

Just email heirloominthemaking at gmail dot com if you want to buy this one or if you'd like to commission a different Minions quilt or have some other cartoons you'd like to have made into a quilt. Since I made it up myself, I can make one from any cartoon images you provide (assuming they are high enough resolution to get a large scale image). The price is set according to finished size of the quilt, materials cost (assuming I provide the fabrics) and difficulty level of creating it. I kept these Minions pretty simple to keep the price down for a baby quilt. I can do more complicated stuff (see Cats quilt in this post for another sample) but it gets more pricey the more involved the work.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Crocodile Stitch / Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves (FREE PATTERN)

Voila! I have finished my very first-ever crochet pattern and am giving it away as a FREE PDF download via my WebbiegrrlWriter Ravelry account. In the middle of Hurricane #Matthew, I released it and in just 24 hours,  over 250 have dowloaded it! Wow, thank you!

If you have any questions or want to leave me feedback about this pattern, please leave me a comment on this blog post. Please remember to be kind when you do. This is my first-ever pattern and I am still learning how to write them.

I've been crocheting since I was a kid, though, so hopefully I've given a clear and complete explanation. I tried to take a LOT of photos to show rather than tell :)

For those who don't want to struggle with a pattern and just want to buy finished gloves, I am selling them in my Etsy store for $35 with Free Shipping in the USA! Order yours today.

Also, for those of you ambitious enough to try variations, I'll be updating this pattern to create a version with a different arm (not shell stitch). I'll probably sell that one, though, so that I can recoup some of the time and effort I've put into this whole process. If you're interested in the variations, please stay tuned or "favorite" my Etsy Store to be notified there of when a new item is added.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

He Is Risen Baby Quilt

I've finished this very special baby quilt. It was a special request by the nice lady who runs the Seeds of Faith preschool at my church, Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church (FVUMC). Lynne saw a picture of the original pattern (which was for a tiny little 11"x15" wall hanging) and said, "If you make that as a baby quilt, I'll buy it for a friend of mine!" so make it I did. 

I changed the color scheme a little bit because I'm a fan of rainbows and sunrises (and I had to work with what fabric I had on hand).

Also I decided not to quilt over the crucifix but left it outlined to make it stand out more. Same for the Scripture lettering.

He is Risen Baby Quilt (30" x 42")

Hopefully, Lynne will be the one who gets this when it's sold as part of the FVUMC Fall Festival missions fundraiser quilt sale. That's right, this particular one won't be sold for me to make money but I have it listed in my Etsy store priced at $110.00. If you'd like a baby quilt similar to this one (exact fabrics will be dependent upon availability at the store when I go shopping for your quilt order), please visit my Etsy store to special request your own!

Please also click here to "like" my Facebook Page and see new posts about new quilts in your Facebook newsfeed.


This quilt was made from 100% cotton fabric with a 100% cotton flannel backer and batting (because the church's quilt group provided me with 100% cotton batting to use). I tend to prefer 100% polyester fiberfill batting for baby quilts since I find the polyester fiberfill stands up against time and use more heartily. I can customize the colors according to your preferences. I just liked the "sunrise" effect of these pastels. 

All my quilts are stitched sturdily enough that they may be machine-washed. I recommend a warm/cold wash using any kind of laundry detergent or fabric softener that you like. I don't tend to use fabric softener, myself as it leaves a residue on fabric (makes towels not absorb and quilts that go into baby's mouth not necessarily the kind of chemical coating I'd recommend putting there). 

The quilt should be machine-dried on low or medium heat to fluff it up but you can air dry it if you like (or don't have a dryer). To air dry, just hang it over a shower rod or best of all, outside in the sun on a clothesline if your home actually still has one of those! :) It might take 2-3 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, to get fully dry.

Here's a closer-up view of the one I finished. Just click on the photos on this page to zoom in. I can put whatever Scripture quote you'd like or just put the words "He is Risen" if you prefer. Click the "special order" link on my Etsy store to request yours today.

He is Risen Baby Quilt (30" x 42")

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Puppies on Parade Baby Quilt

A Special Quilt for Babies

Shadow applique is my favorite method for making baby quilts not just because it's super easy and fun to construct, but also because I can get cartoon-like templates and end up with multiple textures. This means the quilt ends up having a tactile experience that keeps a baby interested in exploring it.

I can make almost any "picture" using shadow applique. For instance, the background image of this blog is of a "Secret Garden" style quilt I donated to Hibiscus House of Vero Beach, FL for Children in Crisis. I call it my "Ladybug Quilt" because I used a ladybug print for a lot of the templates underneath the sheer fabric. I also created a Scripture for this ministry quilt.

This style of construction is called shadow applique, where a shape is cut out and overlaid with a sheer fabric, without folding under a seam allowance, then the shape is attached to a ground fabric with stitches through all 3 layers (ground, template and sheer).

The best part for me is that this is constructed as "raw-edge" applique (I don't have to fold under the edges to make seam allowances!) This is a super fast and easy method of construction, despite the fact I hand-stitch everything (twice around each template! Once to attach and again to quilt!) Click on the photos on this blog to zoom in and take a closer look at this double stitching technique.

Puppies on Parade (WIP / July 2016)
Puppies on Parade had finished dimensions of about 40" square and will sell at the FVUMC (Fuquay Varina United Methodist Church) Fall Festival missions fundraiser quilt sale in October (Halloween weekend). All sales are on a first-come basis so get to the church early if you want to buy this quilt. They might have some on display as early as Friday that weekend.

If you miss your chance to buy this exact one, not to worry. I can easily do another one in similar colors or in a color scheme of your choice. Just visit my Etsy store and click the special request button to tell me what colors you'd like. You can also request something other than puppies (maybe kittens? Or other animals?) Simply request a quote from my Etsy store. The price from me (special requests do not cost extra unless the size or complexity increases) will be in the $100 to $150 range. This Puppies on Parade version is priced at $120 plus s/h.

I plan to do another pattern for donation to next year's FVUMC quilt sale in a theme of "Under the Sea" so follow this blog and/or "like" my Facebook page to see pictures of it as it happens.

UPDATE: I created the "Under the Sea" quilt for the church sale and made the templates a lot smaller than I did the puppies. I don't like it as much as the puppies but what do you think?

Friday, July 29, 2016

About this blog...

An Heirloom in the Making will be an online window into the fabric arts (quilting, applique) and yarn arts (crochet, knitting) of Sarah R. Yoffa, a single woman launching a home-based business where you can reserve your own heirloom for her to make.

The online store will be created at and should launch around Labor Day (early September) of 2016. If you're on Facebook, there'll be a Facebook page, too, where posts from this blog will auto-post, so if you prefer to get your news on Facebook and not have to remember to come here to see new products "in the making" you should probably just "like" the Facebook Page. It's still in the making too (LOL) but I'll update this post once it's ready for you to "like."

Thanks for your interest! May you be blessed by your visit whether you buy anything from me or not.

Sarah R. Yoffa
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Friday, January 14, 2000

Contents and Care of Quilts

My baby quilts are usually backed in 100% cotton or cotton flannel with sashing on the front in 100% cotton and the shadow applique squares are made with 100% cotton templates that are covered with a sheer fabric made of 100% polyester. The batting is 100% polyester fiberfill (high loft) which makes them both durable and "cuddly."

All my quilts are stitched sturdily enough that they may be machine-washed, as well as pulled, chewed, dragged, and any other treatment your baby puts it through in his or her tactile experience of the quilt. The quilt is designed to have different textures to encourage a tactile experience and it is expected your baby will want to play with it not just use it as a blanket, though it does keep baby warm! Surprisingly so if the backer is flannel not just plain cotton.

I recommend a warm/cold or hot/cold wash cycle, using any kind of laundry detergent and/or fabric softener. You don't need fabric softener and in fact, I don't use it on baby quilts, as it leaves a residue on fabric (the coating prevents towels from absorbing moisture and do you want those chemicals going into baby's mouth ?) Also note, I do not prewash your quilt, nor do I smoke, use incense or have any other foreign substances in the air (e.g., pet dander) that will get onto your quilt before you can use it. It is safe to use right out of the box.

No matter how you wash it, the quilt should be machine-dried on low or medium heat to fluff it up but you can give it a 15-20 minute pass through the dryer to fluff and then air dry it the rest of the way to save money if you like (or don't have a dryer). To air dry, just hang it over a shower rod or best of all, outside in the sun on a clothesline if your home actually still has one of those! :) It might take 2-3 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, to get fully dry. Do not fold it or stuff it into a baby bag unless or until it's totally dry or it might get moldy. The 100% Cotton fabric feels great but it is also a breeding ground for mold. Always store the quilt dry, folded flat.