Thursday, August 25, 2016

He Is Risen Baby Quilt

I've finished this very special baby quilt. It was a special request by the nice lady who runs the Seeds of Faith preschool at my church, Fuquay-Varina United Methodist Church (FVUMC). Lynne saw a picture of the original pattern (which was for a tiny little 11"x15" wall hanging) and said, "If you make that as a baby quilt, I'll buy it for a friend of mine!" so make it I did. 

I changed the color scheme a little bit because I'm a fan of rainbows and sunrises (and I had to work with what fabric I had on hand).

Also I decided not to quilt over the crucifix but left it outlined to make it stand out more. Same for the Scripture lettering.

He is Risen Baby Quilt (30" x 42")

Hopefully, Lynne will be the one who gets this when it's sold as part of the FVUMC Fall Festival missions fundraiser quilt sale. That's right, this particular one won't be sold for me to make money but I have it listed in my Etsy store priced at $110.00. If you'd like a baby quilt similar to this one (exact fabrics will be dependent upon availability at the store when I go shopping for your quilt order), please visit my Etsy store to special request your own!

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This quilt was made from 100% cotton fabric with a 100% cotton flannel backer and batting (because the church's quilt group provided me with 100% cotton batting to use). I tend to prefer 100% polyester fiberfill batting for baby quilts since I find the polyester fiberfill stands up against time and use more heartily. I can customize the colors according to your preferences. I just liked the "sunrise" effect of these pastels. 

All my quilts are stitched sturdily enough that they may be machine-washed. I recommend a warm/cold wash using any kind of laundry detergent or fabric softener that you like. I don't tend to use fabric softener, myself as it leaves a residue on fabric (makes towels not absorb and quilts that go into baby's mouth not necessarily the kind of chemical coating I'd recommend putting there). 

The quilt should be machine-dried on low or medium heat to fluff it up but you can air dry it if you like (or don't have a dryer). To air dry, just hang it over a shower rod or best of all, outside in the sun on a clothesline if your home actually still has one of those! :) It might take 2-3 hours, depending on ambient temperature and humidity, to get fully dry.

Here's a closer-up view of the one I finished. Just click on the photos on this page to zoom in. I can put whatever Scripture quote you'd like or just put the words "He is Risen" if you prefer. Click the "special order" link on my Etsy store to request yours today.

He is Risen Baby Quilt (30" x 42")

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