Friday, July 29, 2016

About this blog...

An Heirloom in the Making will be an online window into the fabric arts (quilting, applique) and yarn arts (crochet, knitting) of Sarah R. Yoffa, a single woman launching a home-based business where you can reserve your own heirloom for her to make.

The online store will be created at and should launch around Labor Day (early September) of 2016. If you're on Facebook, there'll be a Facebook page, too, where posts from this blog will auto-post, so if you prefer to get your news on Facebook and not have to remember to come here to see new products "in the making" you should probably just "like" the Facebook Page. It's still in the making too (LOL) but I'll update this post once it's ready for you to "like."

Thanks for your interest! May you be blessed by your visit whether you buy anything from me or not.

Sarah R. Yoffa
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