Monday, October 3, 2016

Dragon Scale gloves!

Yes, I saw that post circulating all over Facebook with the amazing "Dragon Scale Fingerless Gloves" and I just had to try to make some of them myself. Just one problem: no pattern, no clue where to start one of my own.

Thanks to Rachel over at Muttix, for getting me started with a free pattern. I was still off to a disappointing start. My first attempt (using regular old worsted weight acrylic yarn) came out all chunky with the scales all bunched up.


I knew I was just misunderstanding something in her pattern and I saw a few typos but I had no clue what they should have been. Rachel's the only one (until now) offering a free pattern (on Ravelry and on her blog) so I was grateful for a starting point but I got so frustrated at the errors glaring at me. She was very helpful to everyone posting comments on her blog so I figured out a few mistakes (my own and in the pattern) from reading the other comments but... still was missing something.

So I started again, this time using some baby yarn thinking maybe it was just the weight of the yarn that was the problem, but no.

So I tried yet a third time and although I didn't abandon Rachel's pattern, I did make some small but dramatic changes and ...


It might just be a matter of pattern-writing style, too. I still think it's awesome that this gal shared a free pattern with the community on Ravelry. I'm just used to a different pattern-writing style.

For instance, she doesn't give a stitch count anywhere and my preference is for patterns that have a stitch count after every row/round so I can double-check that I haven't made a mistake (yet). Silly, I know but being this compulsive about details is how I get great results.

But I wasn't happy with the idea of having to use baby yarn, yuck! I mean I liked those gloves that were posted on Facebook (like at the top of this post) so I ripped out my heavier worsted weight yarn and started yet a third time.

This time, I recorded the changes in a comment on my own Facebook post (so I wouldn't forget what I'd done given I'd done it at bedtime!) and I think this latest version came out great.

I do plan to buy some of that yarn that fades from one color to another but it's so expensive and I have to use some of what I have on hand.

Plus I want to work out a pattern for a version that has a flat palm instead of having scales all the way around.

Then I want to create an actual pattern others can read (not just my scratched notes and Facebook comments to myself). Once I get it written up proper, I'll upload it to my Ravelry account as a free download so everyone can share in the love. Can't wait to add these to my Etsy Store--in a nice yarn, not this single-tone worsted weight. I fear I may want to go for a real wool or wool-like fingering weight ... what's that Michael's brand, Woolike. Yowza!! On sale for a $1.50 a skein?! Where is my credit card :)

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