Thursday, August 25, 2016

Table Runners & small items

Here are some of the table runners I've done for the FVUMC Fall Festival missions fundraiser quilt sale. All of these items will either be sold by FVUMC to raise money for their missions or were given away as gifts. If you'd like something you see on this blog post, just visit my ETSY store or click here to sign up on Facebook and be automatically reminded.

Go Fly A Kite wall hanging ($30)
On average, these table runners all measure about 12-14" wide by 35-42" long. I can make one to a custom size if you have a specific credenza or table on which you want to display your special holiday topper. These are all Christmas-themed but I can do other holidays or themes, too.

Helping Hands Table Runner ($25)

Christmas Presents Table Runner ($25)

Sparkling Pines Table Runner (simple quilting - $30)

Sparkling Pines Table Runner (hand-stitched stipple quilting - $50)

I've also done an Easter pattern table runner as a gift for a friend - you can have one, too! This was my first-ever machine applique job.

Calvary at Sunrise Table Runner ($35)
For the same friend, I made two cat toy / blankets, one for each of her two cats. The first one is a blanket to hang over the back of the easy for the cats to play with the dangling strings. The cat who likes this one is a b/w just like in the pattern. I can make a cat blanket like this with any simple "cat style" pattern on it so if you have a photograph from which to work, email it to me. No guarantees it'll exactly match your cat's photo but I sure can try!

Pricing on the "Climbing the Wall" cat blanket would depend on the complexity of the pattern for your cat's markings. The simpler, the cheaper. This very simple pattern called "Spot's Blankie" measured about 24" square and would cost about $35-40 to reproduce. I would not do a pattern that would cost more than $50 to make (I would simply tell you the applique work is too complex to duplicate the cat exactly and suggest simplifying it using the "less is more" rule of cartooning).

This blankie can be washed in the washing machine but eventually, the tail will start to come off and the strings will fray (some of these are frayed just from the cats playing with them). Hand-washing is suggested for that reason. The blankie is made from 100% polyester fleece and 100% cotton fabrics.

Spot's Blankie ($40)

The second blanket I made this friend was to stuff into a basket for her other cat to curl up in. He's a large cat, so I made little pillows for the sides of the basket. He loves to sleep in his basket and miraculously, Spot doesn't compete for it so they each have their own little blankie.

If you'd like a "Basket Blankie" made for your cat to sleep on, just measure the interior size of the basket you have in mind (square ones work better than round baskets) and email me the dimensions.  The side pillows are stuffed with 100% polyester fiberfill stuffing but the bottom (where he sleeps) is a pillow form that can be removed allowing you to wash the blankie in the washing machine. The fabric is 100% polyester fleece.
Biggie's Basket Blankie (basket not included) ($40)
I haven't tried making any dog toys (yet) but if you want a blankie for your dog, I can probably adapt one of these ideas for your little one (in fact, the above pictured "Basket Blankie" would work for any small dog under 12 lbs in size and the side pillows mean he or she could drape their little head over the side to watch you the way dogs love to do.  Just email me at heirloominthemaking at gmail dot com and tell me the size of your doggie's basket (or other place you want to convert into a sleeping area with a custom blankie).

More small items to come! Stay tuned!

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